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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Posters & Projects

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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Posters & Projects


Items created by the New Deal work program, the WPA (1935-1943). Most of these posters were created by arts programs that crafted images conveying messages about community events, exhibitions, theater productions, educational programs, and of course health and hygiene. Some items are random visuals related to WPA health projects.

Items in the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Posters & Projects Collection

This poster advises people to consult their physicians for information on syphilis treatment.

This poster advises audiences that "bad blood" is another name for syphilis, how the disease is spread, and that six months to a year of treatment is required.
"Your blood is bad means you have syphilis : You can give it to others through sexual…

This poster urges people to seek treatment immediately.

"Don't wait - 70% are doomed if treatment of syphilis is delayed for 3 years after the disease is contracted : Consult a reputable physician."

This poster uses statistics in order to convey that young people are significantly affected by syphilis.

"Know the risks involved : Syphilis is acquired and transmitted largely by youth : Youth should receive special attention : Consult a…

This poster urges audiences to visit a physician if they believe they have venereal disease, discouraging feelings of false shame that keep people from hiding their illness.

"If you fear you have contracted a disease don't let false shame destroy…

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