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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Posters & Projects


Items created by the New Deal work program, the WPA (1935-1943). Most of these posters were created by arts programs that crafted images conveying messages about community events, exhibitions, theater productions, educational programs, and of course health and hygiene. Some items are random visuals related to WPA health projects.

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"As Old As Creation, Syphilis is Now Curable"
This poster advises people to consult their physicians for information on syphilis treatment.

"Your Blood Is Bad Means You Have Syphilis"
This poster advises audiences that "bad blood" is another name for syphilis, how the disease is spread, and that six months to a year of treatment is required.
"Your blood is bad means you have syphilis : You can give it to others through sexual…

"Don't Wait, 70% are Doomed"
This poster urges people to seek treatment immediately.

"Don't wait - 70% are doomed if treatment of syphilis is delayed for 3 years after the disease is contracted : Consult a reputable physician."

"Know the Risks Involved"
This poster uses statistics in order to convey that young people are significantly affected by syphilis.

"Know the risks involved : Syphilis is acquired and transmitted largely by youth : Youth should receive special attention : Consult a…

"Shame May Be Fatal"
This poster urges audiences to visit a physician if they believe they have venereal disease, discouraging feelings of false shame that keep people from hiding their illness.

"If you fear you have contracted a disease don't let false shame destroy…

"Syphilis Strikes One Out of Ten Adults"
This poster informs audiences that 1/10 adults will contract syphilis.

"Consult a reputable physician."

"The First 2 Years"
This poster warns about syphilis relapses.

"91% of syphilitic infections relapse in this period : The disease may be transmitted to others who contact the lesion : Consult a reputable physician."

"The Great Crippler"
An image of a young girl with a crutch along with the caption warns viewers of the effects of syphilis.
LOC Notes: Produced for the town of Hempstead Health Dept.

"Gonorrhea Causes Blindness - Arthritis, Invalidism and Misery"
This poster informs the audience that although gonorrhea has serious effects, they can be avoided. A knight stomps down a snake.

"It can be prevented and cured : For examination and free pamphlets go to your doctor or Dept. of Health clinic."

"Vision Can Be Saved"
This poster warns that although half of children with congenital syphilis have vision problems, this can be prevented.

"50% of babies born with syphilis have impaired eyesight : Consult a reputable physician."

"Chicago Syphilis Control Program, 1937" (Cover)
This is the cover design for the 1937 report on the Chicago Syphilis Control Program.

"Chicago Will Control Syphilis"
This poster informs viewers that they can get blood tests locally.

"You may have your blood test free and confidentially at one of the following stations : Chicago Board of Health, Herman N. Bundesen, Pres."

"Syphilis, False Shame and Fear May Destroy Your Future"
This poster shows a man and woman bowing their heads in shame and urges audiences to have a blood test.

"Have your blood tested."

"Stamp Out Syphilis"
This poster encourages couples to be tested before marriage to ensure healthy children.

"Every baby is entitled to be born healthy : Blood test & examination should be made before marriage by your doctor or Bureau of Social Hygiene Clinic, 51…

"Stamp Out Syphilis and Gonorrhea"
This poster urges viewers to have tests and exams to check for syphilis and gonorrhea.

"Have you had your blood test and examination : Go to your doctor of dept. of health : Bureau of Social Hygiene, 51 Stuyvesant Place, S.I."

"Don't Gamble with Syphilis"
"Consult Health Authorities"

This poster urges viewers to not take chances with syphilis and visit a health care professional.

"Syphilis Examination Results are Confidential"
This poster conveys that the results of syphilis exams are confidential.

"Stamp Out Syphilis!"
"The Work Projects Administration is Cooperating in the National Campaign to Stamp Out Syphilis! : 1. You are asked to go to your private doctor for a blood test. If you cannot pay for this go to any of the following : City Clinics : Health Center :…

"Stop Syphilis"
"Support Local and State Efforts to Reduce Syphilis"

This poster urges viewers to support community syphilis control efforts.

"Syphilis Menace to Industry"
"Dont Lose Your Pay"

This poster warns viewers that syphilis can cause lead to loss of income.

"The Enemy is Syphilis"
"Enlist employees in a campaign against it"

This poster urges workers to get involved in anti-syphilis efforts.

"Face the Facts and Help Control Syphilis"
"Reported Cases : 100,000 under 19 Yrs. of Age : 13,000 between 11 and 15"

This poster presents statistics about syphilis among young people.

"Find Syphilis"
"Help Employees Get Blood Tests"

The poster promotes syphilis tests by employers.

"Syphilis...Six Out Of Ten Cured"
"Because They Did Not Wait Too Long"

"Syphilis is a Dangerous Disease But it Can Be Cured"
This poster explains that syphilis can be cured though it is a serious illness.

"Syphilis May Cause"
"Heart trouble, blindness, deafness, mental disorders : Have your blood tested"

This poster warns audiences about the effects of syphilis.

"Their Health Depends on You"
"Destroy Syphilis : Cooperate with Your Local Health Agency"

"Prevent Syphilis in Marriage"
This poster urges couples to take steps to prevent syphilis in marriage.

Blood Test Stamps
These stamps were created to promote blood tests in NYC.

"See Your Doctor : Be Examined : Have a Blood Test : Bureau of Social Hygiene : N.Y.C. Health Dept. Cooperating with N.Y. State Health Dept. & U.S. Public Health Service"

"Be Fit" Stamps
These stamps were created to promote blood tests in NYC.

"Be Fit: Bureau of Social Hygiene, New York City: See Your Doctor : Be Examined : Have a Blood Test"
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