National Social Hygiene Day (NSHD) Materials

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National Social Hygiene Day (NSHD) Materials


These materials were created to promote National Social Hygiene Day, an annual event organized by the ASHA. See the glossary for more details.




American Social Health Association Records (1905-2005), University of Minnesota, Social Welfare History Archives.



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"We Can Get the Beast Out of His Lair We'll Win the Fight"
This is a reprint of a poster created for the first National Social Hygiene Day in 1937. It features a knight representing the "nation-wide fight on venereal diseases" attacking the monster of syphilis with a lance of "medical science and education.…

"He's Doing His Job...Let's Do Ours!"
"Prepare youth for national service : Protect youth from VD and vice : Preserve family life : National Social Hygiene Day"

This poster ties social hygiene efforts to those of servicemen. It is also promoting National Social Hygiene Day.

"Beyond Victory"
"Build--Better Health Better Homes Better Communities : Prevent--Venereal Diseases Promiscuity Prostitution : National Social Hygiene Day"

"Prevention is the Watchword"
This poster urges communities to get involved in National Social Hygiene Day to help eradicate VD.

"You...Your Organization Must Help Stamp Out Venereal Disease : Organize Community Action! : National Social Hygiene Day : The American Social…

"Safeguard Our Stronghold...the Family"
This poster promotes National Social Hygiene Day as a way to protect the family.

"Unite the Whole Community Against VD"
This is a promotional poster for National Social Hygiene Day that urges community participation to help support the war effort.

"Calling All Communities!"
This poster is promoting community participation in National Social Hygiene Day.

Herald of Social Hygiene (Cover)
This is the cover page of a broadside created and distributed for National Social Hygiene Day. It's headline addresses the year's theme--quackery.

Herald of Social Hygiene (Detail--Bad Business Infographic)
This infographic presents the steps industry should take to help control syphilis among their employees and within the community. It is featured in the NSHD broadside.

Herald of Social Hygiene (Health Helps Comic Strip)
This comic strip is one in the "Health Helps" series. It shows a worker, Jerry, who visits a quack for syphilis treatment. His employer advises him to see his family physician. It is featured in the NSHD broadside.

Herald of Social Hygiene (Detail--Mine Cartoon)
This cartoon shows boats labeled law, education, scientific medicine, and public health sweeping away mines representing quackery to safeguard the "National Anti-Syphilis Campaign" ship. It is featured in the NSHD broadside.

"Stamp Out Syphilis--Enemy of Youth"
This is a publicity poster for National Social Hygiene Day 1938. "Stamp Out Syphilis" is being broadcast over a suburban community.
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