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Foreign Language Materials


Items in Spanish, Italian, and French created by the US Government.

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"Ella Puede Ser Un Saco de Congoja"
This poster features an image of a woman in heavy make-up smoking a cigarette and warns she is trouble.

"EV, A Veces Ni la Penicilina Sirve"
"Todavia Resulta Mas Facil Prevenir Que Curar Las Enfermedades Venereas"

This poster warns that sometimes penicillin doesn't work and that it is easier to prevent rather than cure venereal diseases.

"I.V. Triste Fin a Una Licencia, La Profilaxis Impide la Infeccion Venerea!"
The caption in this poster is in Italian. Lamenting that contracting VD is a sad end to a furlough, it also warns viewers to use prophylaxis.
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