The Anti-Syphilis Program in Action

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The Anti-Syphilis Program in Action


These items are photographs of visual materials created by the program as they appeared in everyday life. Here we see exhibits in store windows, billboards, and different events.

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Youth Anti-Syphilis Campaign Parade
These photographs show young people parading around the Kips Bay Yorkville area of New York City to promote their anti-syphilis campaign. They are dressed as pilgrims and driving a horse and buggy to bring attention to outdated and backwards ideas…

Anti-Syphilis Drugstore Window Display
This photograph shows a display about the syphilis campaign in the window of a drugstore in New York City.

Social Hygiene Day Drugstore Window Display
This photograph shows a anti-syphilis display in a drugstore window for National Social Hygiene Day.

Social Hygiene Exhibit Diagram
This image shows how social hygiene exhibits were displayed in this period.

Young Men at a Social Hygiene Poster Exhibit
This photograph shows young men looking at a exhibit of social hygiene posters. This page originally appeared in a book titled, Two Years Fighting V.D. (1920) by the USPHS.

VD Quizzes at the 1939 World's Fair
These photographs show visitors to the World's Fair taking a quiz about syphilis and gonorrhea conducted by the ASHA.

Pharmacy Window Display
This photograph shows a display in a pharmacy window. It includes posters, infographics, and objects related to syphilis control.

"War Front of Home Front, America Needs You Healthy!"
The billboard in this photograph emphasizes that men should stay healthy to help contribute to the war effort.

"V.D. (Venereal Diseases) Can Be Cured : Go to Your Doctor or Clinic Today"

"State Laws Protecting Marriage from Syphilis"
This map shows the distribution of state laws requiring premarital syphilis tests in 1944.
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