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Batchelor Cartoons


These images are political cartoons drawn by C.D. Batchelor for the ASHA.


C.D. Batchelor, artist


American Social Health Association Records (1905-2005), University of Minnesota, Social Welfare History Archives.

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"Stamp Out Syphilis--Enemy of Youth!"
This is an ASHA order form for posters versions of cartoon titled, "Isn't it fair to warn her?""'Three-fourths of all syphilis infections are acquired by young people between the ages of 16 and 30 years.' : Isn't it fair to warn her? : Syphilis Can…

"The Ice Pack Breaks Up"
This National Social Hygiene Poster features a cartoon that shows the ship of "prevention and cure of venereal disease" breaking up the ice pack of "prudery," "shush! shush!," and "ignorance."

"Don't be HER pin-up boy."
This cartoon features a woman labeled "venereal disease" holding a letter. Photos of three different men are tacked on the wall behind her.

"Enemy Agent"
This cartoon conveys that venereal disease threatens workers and therefore undermines the war effort.

"For Home and Country."
"Avoid Venereal Disease."

Three figures, a soldier, a sailor, and a pilot, salute a woman and child sitting outside a suburban home. A US flag flies in front of the house. The text advises servicemen to avoid venereal disease with their family and…

"One broken wheel stops a watch and--one broken man stops a mission"
"Number 6 stopped by venereal disease."

This cartoon conveys to servicemen that their illness can undermine military operations.

This cartoon presents prostitutes as a threat to the health of servicemen and the war effort. The female figure is labeled "venereal carrier."

"Two Girls I Know What to Meet You in the Worst Way"
This poster conveys that prostitution spreads venereal disease to servicemen. A soldier is labeled "The Young, The Brave, The Strong." The woman speaking is labeled prostitution. Behind her stand two female figures with skeletal faces identified as…

"The Venereal Wards are Full of Wise Guys in Bed"
This poster shows 4 men in hospital beds. Each of them explains his error that led to contracting VD: "I could pick the safe ones," "I tried to treat myself," "I refused prophylaxis," "I knew it all. I ignored the advice of my CO my chaplain and the…

"Warning: These Enemies Are Still Lurking Around"
This cartoon warns that women with venereal disease are threats to military men. Two women are shown waiting on a corner, smoking. They are labeled "gonorrhea" and "syphilis." A sign shows that military bases are nearby.

"Workers! Strike Down These Enemies of Victory"
This image conveys that venereal disease is a threat to industrial production and the war effort. Gonorrhea and syphilis appear as planes bombing a factory while a worker looks on.
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