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Epidemiological Images


The items in this collection are images based on epidemiological information. They were reproduced as posters.

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"Primary Syphilis in Baby from Contact with Infected Mother"
This graphic shows how VD is transmitted, eventually resulting in congenital syphilis.

"Investigation of a Localized Outbreak of Syphilis in New York City"
This graphic shows how syphilis was spread among people in NYC. It shows "normal," homosexual, and "family and other" contacts.

"Outbreak of Syphilis in a Rural County, Monroe County, Tennessee"
This chart shows the spread of syphilis in a rural southern community.

"Outbreak of Gonorrhea among Pupils of a Public Elementary School"
This chart shows how gonorrhea was spread among children who attended the same school. It highlights "perversion contact," school contact, and family contact.

"How Syphilis Spreads Through Prostitution"
"Outbreak of syphilis infections in a rural county : Monroe County, Tennessee"

This is an epidemiological chart that shows how one syphilis epidemic spread. This image was created earlier in the 1930s. Here it appears with a new heading.
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