"Syphilis is Bad Business"

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"Syphilis is Bad Business"


This infographic informs employers about the components of an industrial syphilis control program.

"1. Health every employee get a blood test, especially accident and chronic sickness cases. 2. Keep examination results condiential between doctor, patient and health officer. 3. Enlist support of employees in a health campaign against syphilis and gonorrhea. 4. Don't fire an employee because of syphilis. Health him get cured. 5. SUpport local and state efforts to reduce syphilis in and near your town. 6. Help your town provide recreation for all ages. 7. Fight quackery and commercialized prostitution--archive accomplices of venereal diseases. 8. Consult your local health authorities and the American Social Hygiene Association about your problems."



ASHA, Herald of Social Hygiene, February, 1940, Papers of Dr. Thomas Parran, Jr., MD, University of Pittsburgh Archive Service Center, Pittsburgh, PA, Box 41, Folder 541.


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ASHA, “"Syphilis is Bad Business",” Venereal Disease Visual History Archive, accessed June 24, 2024, https://vdarchive.newmedialab.cuny.edu/items/show/101.


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