"Health Helps: Bill and Joe Go On Leave"

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"Health Helps: Bill and Joe Go On Leave"


This comic shows the positive choices soldiers make when a town provides them with "wholesome recreation" and social events, nice places to stay, and "nice" girls to spend time with. At the end of the comic, Bill and Jim comment that they enjoyed themselves and there is no need to get a medical exam. There is also text accompanying the strip that gives more information.


American Social Health Association Records (1905-2005), University of Minnesota, Social Welfare History Archives, C.D. Batchelor Cartoons, 1940-1941, Box 177, Folder 23.


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1941 Batchelor Cartoon Strips 11.jpg


Joel Murray, artist and ASHA, “"Health Helps: Bill and Joe Go On Leave",” Venereal Disease Visual History Archive, accessed May 23, 2024, https://vdarchive.newmedialab.cuny.edu/items/show/132.


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