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American Social Hygiene Association (ASHA) Industry Projects

1940 Health Patriotic Duty.jpg

The ASHA created these materials as part of their efforts to promote social hygiene among industry during the war.

Batchelor Cartoons

1940 two girls i know.jpg

These images are political cartoons drawn by C.D. Batchelor for the ASHA.

Epidemiological Images

1941 Syphilis Spreads Through Prostitution.jpg

The items in this collection are images based on epidemiological information. They were reproduced as posters.

Foreign Language Materials

1942-44 IV Triste Fin.jpg

Items in Spanish, Italian, and French created by the US Government.

Military Posters (WWII)

1942-44 When Speed Counts.jpg

The intended audience of these posters is servicemen as the US was mobilizing for and fighting World War II.

National Social Hygiene Day (NSHD) Materials

1940 NSHD beyond victory .jpg

These materials were created to promote National Social Hygiene Day, an annual event organized by the ASHA. See the glossary for more details.

New York World's Fair Science and Medicine Exhibits

1939 JSH Worlds Fair Photo.jpg

The images show exhibits from the 1939-40 New York World's Fair related to science, public health, and medicine.

Parran, "No Defense for Any of Us" (Survey Graphic Reprint)

1938 No Defense TB Mortality.jpg

This is an article reprint of a piece by Parran in Survey Graphic. It addresses the high rates of syphilis and tuberculosis in the African American…

Parran, "Stamp Out Syphilis" (Survey Graphic Reprint)

1937 Infographic Pamphlet 14.jpg

This collection includes the pictorial statistics included in the reprint of an article originally published in Survey Graphic in July 1936.

Parran, Shadow on the Land (Graphic Proofs)

1937 Shadow US Copen Treatment.jpg

These items are proofs of the pictorial statistics (infographics) included in Thomas Parran's book Shadow on the Land. These images circulated…